Non-Owned Auto Insurance

What Is Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

Non-Owned Auto insurance is essentially insurance on your license.  It is Liability coverage for any vehicle you may be driving that is not registered to you.

Vehicles that are owned by your business or used regularly for your business should be scheduled on your commercial auto policy to be covered for Liability.  Occasionally, there might be situations when your business uses vehicles not listed on your policy.  In these situations, Non-Owned Auto insurance can provide Liability protection.

What Types Of Coverage Is Available?

Employer’s Non-Ownership Coverage provides Liability protection when an employee occasionally has to drive his or her personally owned vehicle for business purposes.  This assumes that the vehicle is not owned, registered or contracted in your name or on your behalf.

Hired Auto Coverage provides Liability protection when you’re driving a hired, leased, rented or borrowed vehicle.

Any Auto Coverage protects vehicles that you purchase during your policy period with the same Liability coverage you carry on existing policies.  Any Auto coverage applies to both hired and non-owned autos.

Who Needs Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

Non-Owned Auto insurance is for a person who does not have a vehicle registered to them.

If you have a suspended license due to a DUI and you need an SR-22 but you do not own a vehicle, you may need a Non-Owned Auto policy.  Also anyone driving on behalf of a business may not be covered even if the business has their own Non-Owned Vehicle insurance. 

We can help you determine if you need non-owned auto insurance.

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