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Boat & PWC Insurance


What Does Boat Insurance Cover? boat1

A Boat & PWC policy insures you and your boat or PWC against liability and damage in the event of an accident.  The types and amount of coverage you receive depend on the specific policy you purchase.  A typical policy can cover the following: 

  • Damage to your boats: hull, sails, machinery, furnishings, motor, and trailer
  • Liability only
  • New boat replacement
  • Agreed hull value
  • Actual cash value
  • Fuel spill liability
  • Medical payments
  • Salvage coverage and wreck removal

boat-insurance,jpgIs There Optional Coverage Available?

Yes, there are other options you can add on to your policy to ensure your boat or PWC is covered.  Here are some additions available:  

  • Multiple towing options, on and off the water
  • Coverage for your personal property
  • Coverage for your fishing equipment
  • Coverage against injury to you caused by an uninsured boater
  • Hurricane haul out


Will My Policy Cover Damage To Other Boats? boat2

Yes, most policies cover damage to other boats, property caused by your boat and bodily injury/death of another person.




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