Earthquake Insurance

Why Do I Need Earthquake Insurance? 

Most home insurance policies do not cover Earthquake
insurance or earth movement.  There is no way to predict exactly when or where an earthquake will occur.  You are best positioned if you are prepared for the damage an earthquake could cause.

Earthquake damage could be extremely costly or even devastating.  In California, there is a high risk for earthquakes.    

How Are Prices Determined? 

Rates for Earthquake insurance will vary significantly.  You can protect your home with the Comprehensive earthquake insurance policy or Standard earthquake insurance policy.  These are unique stand-alone earthquake insurance products that offer broad protection for one of nature’s most costly and destructive natural forces.

Earthquake insurance rates are determined by location, value of a home and what kind of protection you choose. 

We can take you through all of the options and choose the most affordable coverage available for you. 

What Happens If I Don’t Have Earthquake Insurance?


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