Commercial Liability Insurance

What Exactly Is Commercial Liability Insurance?

Commercial Liability insurance coverage provides protection for your business.  This is also known as Business Liability onsurance or Commercial General Liability (CGL), and it protects your business should injury or property damage occur to others as a result of your business operations.

Commercial Liability insurance covers you for the operations of your business.

What Specifically Does It Cover?

No matter how careful you are in your business, anyone can sue you for matters related to your company’s practices and operations and you could be found legally liable for negligence.

Commercial Liability insurance can cover property damage, bodily injury, medical payments, defense payments, defense costs and personal injury.

Isn’t Commercial Liability Insurance For Large Companies?

No.  Any individual or business providing an opinion, making recommendations, designing solutions or offering a service is at risk for a professional liability lawsuit.  Commercial Liability can help with defense costs, regardless of fault, as well as protection for judgments, court costs and more.

Doesn’t it make more sense to be covered?

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