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Janitorial Bonds


What Are Janitorial Bonds?Janitor_Cleaning_Floors.139132520

Janitorial service surety bonds are designed for the home and business cleaning industry.  With this bond in place, you protect customers from losses incurred as a result of theft committed by unethical employees.

How Can Janitorial Bonds Help My Business?

These bonds give your customers peace of mind and can help you grow your business.   Being bonded reassures customers that they’ve chosen a credible cleaning company for all of their residential, housekeeper, maid and business cleaning needs.  They are also known as Housekeeper Surety Bonds, Maid Surety Bonds and Residential Cleaning Surety Bonds.

Once you have your bond in hand, promote the fact that you’re bonded in all of your marketing efforts to help potential customers feel more confident in your company.


mainmaidCan I Still Get Bonded If I’m On A Budget?

Yes!  Find out how to get affordable janitorial bond options for your business.  Call us for more accurate pricing and it may be cheaper than you think.




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