DMV Defective Title Bonds

What Are DMV Defective Title Bonds?

What do you do when a motor vehicle title issue arises?  If you cannot track down the title of a car you purchased, or there simply is no title you, may need a DMV Defective Title Bond.  These are commonly known as DMV Lost Bonds.   

Defective (or Lost) Title Bonds for the Department of Motor Vehicles is a very common surety bond.

Who Needs A DMV Defective Title Bond?

There are many reasons for needing this type of bond.  Some of the more common reasons for having to get this surety bond are:

1. You paid for a vehicle, but didn’t receive title and the lender is now out of business.
2. The original documentation was ruined in a natural disaster.
3. The vehicle is older or is custom made so there isn’t a title.

We issue the bond same day!

How Much Are They?

The premium rate is usually 2% of the bond amount, with a minimum $100.00 premium.  This is a relatively simple bond to purchase especially since this type of bond does not usually require a credit check.  All we need is a completed application.  Call us today for a quote.  

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